About Us


Gold Standard CPR™ is a Health and Safety training organization. We proudly offer courses through the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada. Gold Standard CPR was founded in 2013 by a group of Healthcare Professionals who see and deal with first hand cardiac arrest. In order to give the victims a fighting chance, CPR is a must. The importance of knowing the simple steps of CPR can be the difference in saving a life, which more often than not, is a family member!

Our mission is to teach you the life-saving steps of CPR in the Simplest and most Effective way possible.
Learning is done by simulated, hands on experiences which are proven to be the most memorable. We want to help you prepare for when it matters the most…to save a life!

We pride ourselves in offering the Simplest, Stress-Free CPR life support courses in Toronto. Our hands-on lessons create a Relaxed & Fun environment that is optimal for learning.

Our goal is to give you the simple steps and confidence you’ll need to make decisions and take action in an emergency situation.
We are proud to be the training team of choice for so many real life Heroes!