Corporate Education

Health and Safety Education is a priceless asset within the workplace or office. We offer large group CPR & AED training as well as Emergency Protocol Program consulting. Our instructors are brought in-house for staff training in an effective and timely manner.


Gold Standard CPR & AED training is conducted by fully licensed Paramedic instructors and the most recent equipment and protocols required and mandated by WSIB. Our classes are offered through the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada with the most recent guidelines. Request can be placed for another popular certification organization.
An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is critical to saving the life of a victim in Sudden Cardiac Arrest. If you’re interested in purchasing an AED, please contact us and we can provide the right AED and Emergency Protocol for your needs. AED Responder Kit, First aid Kits, Bag Valve Masks, posters and other equipment will be placed strategically to integrate emergency action plans to ensure accessibility, visibility & immediate response.